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PostSubject: .::SITE RULES::.   Thu Dec 25, 2008 3:43 pm

Football Manager Sensation is a forum for all you football manager crazy people. We don’t want to loose any members here but if members don't play by the rules then action may need to be taken to stop the problem in hand. In Some cases some short 24hr. bans may occur or longer. In other cases there maybe life time ban’s from the forum. We here don’t want this to happen but it the only way to cut down on foul play and to make this place happier looking and inviting to new members.

: Ripping Work in GFX Section :

In this forum there will no ripping of other people work, weather it be ripping people from this forum or on the other FM forums. It is completly unacceptable. Ripping mean when a person on the forum makes a Logo/FP type and then another member comes along and passes it as their own work. This will not be tolerated on this site and if a member is caught doing so then a ban will be put in place.

: Innaproiate material :

On this forum there can be none of the following: Racial Abuse, illegal content, swearing or any pornography. If any member is caught attempting any of these things a life time ban will be put in place for the member.

: Advertising :

Advertising of other Forums/ Websites can only take place in the ‘’the scene’’ section of the forum. Not in anyway can a person advertise there websites etc. under the use of avatar or signature. If a member is caught doing so, let again a ban will be put in place

: Posting and Topic Making :

Fell free to make post and topic on this site. But also try to look around before posting to make sure that what you are going to say has not been said before in the site. If two separate people post the same thing twice it makes the place look messy. Please think before you post!

: Spam :

No bad posting or spam here please. If you are caught a first time you are given a verbal warning but if the spamming continues appropriate action will be taken and a ban may be put in place.

: Txt-Talk :

No text talk here. It’s very annoying and it will not be tolerated. Please do not say things like ‘’Hey, hw are u m8’’. Use full sentences because it makes it easier to read for all our members!

: Rights :

FMS has the right to change these rules at anytime. When an admin or moderator makes a decision on a ban it is final and no appeal will be heard.

Staff also has the right to edit people’s profiles and any post that they may make

Finnally, welcome to the site and Post Often and well!


Ollie & Seán
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